Gaelen Norman

Wordpress Developer / Racer



The Apprentice Search

Over the years I have experienced working in small agencies and start ups where there is a large gap between training and actual field work. When a single junior is hired to complete projects he/she does not necessarily have the experience or knowledge to complete…


Folder Structure

One of the many things I'm passionate about is that making things easy to not only find but also to update. How you structure your files is a big part of this for me and I have noticed that it comes into play in a…


The Clio Experience

My work with Clio was something new for me, I was coming in as a Senior Member of the team and was covering him as he was leaving for a few weeks on parental leave. Knowing that this was a short term contract for me…


What I learned Freelancing

I've been full-time freelancing for a year now and I've learned quite a few tips and tricks during that time. Contracts, Contracts, Contracts No matter what type of project you're doing make sure you have something in writing that outlines the expectations and payment plans…

Lets Get Started!

If you have a project in mind or just need some help getting some ideas off the ground, I'm here to help!

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