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Weight Challenges

For those of you that know me personally, I have always been a big person. I've struggled with my weight and health for many years and it was just never…

Villains Sportsland

This was the first time I had headed to Villains Sportsland with my own vehicle and I was pretty excited about it! Ian Fournier (and family) and I loaded up…

Evergreen Grassroots Round 4

With the car all fixed up from DUI it was time to take it out for my first tandem competition at Evergreen Speedway. AND..... I remembered to turn the gopro…

CACC Time Attack

After trading the SR20 out of my 180sx for this pile of civic parts it was time to put it together and do something stupid with it rather than watching…

Drift Union Invitational

Drift Union Invitational is a staple event that I've been attending since 2011. It's packed full of great people, great drivers and a great weekend of camping and hanging out…

Evergreen Grassroots Round 2

After the shakedown I fixed a number of small things and we headed off to round 2 of the evergreen drift grassroots competition for some more seat time.

Off to the Dyno

I packed up the car and my friend Kevin from Evolution Performance came over and picked the R34 up to take it to work the next day with him.…

Onto Something new!

Well after 11 years with the 180sx it's time for something new. I decided that instead of breaking the 180sx down completely and basically starting from scratch I would build…

Testing at Penticton

With the R34 tuned and the car ready for a shakedown, I gathered some friends and we rented Penticton Speedway on a Tuesday for some spectator free fun! I took…

Gaelen Norman Drifting at Evergreen Speedway in his 180sx

Grassroots Round 5 Victory

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