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Onto Something new!

Well after 11 years with the 180sx it’s time for something new. I decided that instead of breaking the 180sx down completely and basically starting from scratch I would build something different and something I had always wanted to try.


The car is a 2000 Nissan Skyline GT and I picked up a pair of RB25 motors, both of which needed a rebuild, so I could get started with something fresh.

Weisco RB25 Pistons

One of the motors had a set of Weisco Pistons in them and needed a couple replaced after they were run on pump gas with an E85 tune on the car, according to the story we received. They were pretty melted but the cylinders looked just fine. Picked up a few more pistons and away we went.

RB25 Teardown

My friend Ian Fournier is my RB guru: he is the king of building good reliable motors for drift cars. If you haven’t heard of him he has a pretty epic R32 Sedan now powered with a 600hp RB25.

R34 Skyline

Since the Skyline was an insurance write-off, it needed some love on the frame rack before we could get started on too much fabrication. One of the subframe pins ripped out during the accident so we had to get that squared up and back in.

R34 Stance Coilovers

My next stop was to see my friends at Stance Suspension for a set of control arms and coilovers! These new Billet arms are STOUT!

R34 stripping interior

Next was stripping everything out of the car that we didnt need…

R34 Wiring

Which included every last piece of wire I could find! That was almost 150lbs of wiring!


I robbed the intercooler from the 180sx and somehow squeezed it in there with just a LITTLE bit of cutting (haha).

18 x 9.5 Enkei Kojin

As much as I love the RPF1’s they do not fit the look of the R34 that I wanted so I ordered some of the new Kojin wheels from Enkei to get the job done!

R34 Superlock Kit from GKTech

The Super Lock kit from Gktech arrived and it looks incredible! Time to get it all assembled and on the car.

The guys form Jaz sent over this Fuel Cell for me. Now it’s time to get this in and ready!

R34 Race Interior

And with that…. it’s time to finish this project up and hit the dyno!

2000 Nissan Skyline GT R34

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