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CACC Time Attack

After trading the SR20 out of my 180sx for this pile of civic parts it was time to put it together and do something stupid with it rather than watching it sit in a field.

So…. Some friends and I put in a couple good hard weekends and we got the car together and ready for an upcoming Time Attack event! It started as a pile of parts and an empty shell…

  • B16A2 Swap
  • Aftermarket Header
  • Ktuned Rep Shifter
  • Zeitronix ZT-2 Wideband
  • Hondata S300 w/ Outrun Motorsports Tune
  • Keiichi Tsuchiya 15×6.5 +43
  • 205/45/15 615K front
  • 195/50/15 Re11 Rear
  • Buddy Club Coilovers Integra Front Brakes Hawk HP+ pads and blank Rotors
  • Carbon Rear Wing
  • Yonaka Cat Back Exhaust
  • Resonated Test Pipe

Passed tech and ready to party!

First session I had the coilovers a LITTLE soft…. Look how far that was tucking into the wheel well!

I had an absolute blast and learned a ton! Biggest thing I learned was how terrible my brakes were and the fact that VTEC was not working. Not being a honda guy I had no idea until I got there that I could have more.

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