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Drift Union Invitational

Drift Union Invitational is a staple event that I’ve been attending since 2011. It’s packed full of great people, great drivers and a great weekend of camping and hanging out with friends.

One of my first stops on this trip is always Costco on the Friday morning on my way out of town. It’s a bit of a pain to find parking but I always make it work!

The nice part about getting there early Friday is the pits are good and empty and you can take your time getting unloaded and set up. We usually take one of the big trailers over with all the gear which makes life a lot easier.

Saturday is usually a bit of a shake the rust off day for me but having some recent practice I was having some fun just doing lap after lap getting more seat time in the car.

Part of the fun of race cars is that they break. Unfortunately for me it was a turbo this time round (something I have never broken before). What we didn’t know was that the reason for the turbo blowing up was that the Oil feed line was clogged and the turbo wasn’t getting oil. It wasn’t until the second turbo in a day destroyed itself that we took the time to look into the cause and found the clog.

Luckily I managed to nab two Holsets from different people so we only had to swap centers to make it all work with my piping and exhaust.

It might have been 1am and we might have been a few beers in but Jason from Villains and my crew worked on swapping turbos saturday night to get it back out sunday morning!

Unfortunately 3 laps in on Sunday turbo number 2 died so that was the end of the weekend for me. I did have a great time as always just hanging out with everyone.

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