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EDC Tryouts

The itch to compete in something has been getting to me on a crazy level and I say an old friend start competing in some online drifting so I figured it might be worth a try.  He posted about them having open tryouts April 25/26 so I registered and talked Ian Fournier (Teammate) into doing it as well!  

Although we both knew that competition would be stiff Ian and I spent a couples hours a week practicing and got some good runs in for each session.

The toughest part of the competition for me was going out for my first run completely cold. There was no practice before hand so all I had to go off of was my gut really.

The drivers meeting was at 9am EST (6am for us) which was a bit of a struggle on a Saturday! After a very well organized meeting in both english and french the event started at 10am on the live stream and went fairly smoothly.

In order to make the event more realistic the organizers had asked that people refrained from using the “Back to pits” function so a car didn’t disappear mid run off the track. This proved to be tough fo some people so there was a couple disqualifications for that reason.

With almost 90 drivers to go through it was a couple hours before my group came up and I got to make my runs!

Check them out on Facebook if you want to watch the series unfold!

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