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Evergreen Grassroots Round 4

With the car all fixed up from DUI it was time to take it out for my first tandem competition at Evergreen Speedway.

AND….. I remembered to turn the gopro on this time!

During practice we were having issues getting the car to make power in 3rd gear so I was having to ride 2nd which wasn’t great for the motor and it was pushing a lot of oil running limiter that long. That being said my crew (aka Kevin) had to drain the catch can every other run.

My first battle was against one of the Drift Rebels boys, Aaron Ramm. He was driving a very simple mustang with some angle bolt-ons and not even a working e-brake! Aaron and I had a great first run but he ended up spinning behind me and I got the win.

Fellow Canadian Rome Torrealba also drove a mustang with lots of angle and he had a bit more power behind it. He is a young kid with a boat load of talent and I had a great time chasing him around. We came down to a one more time when Rome unfortunately spun handing me the win.

Next round I knew from the start was going to be a challenge…. The Driven Spec boys come to party! Aaron was piloting the E36 practice car that is powered by a really simple 2JZ build which they built. It was a great battle, I gave him a little bump on transition but the judges ended up going with Aaron!

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