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Villains Sportsland

This was the first time I had headed to Villains Sportsland with my own vehicle and I was pretty excited about it!

Ian Fournier (and family) and I loaded up the trailers and headed out early Friday morning to get there nice and early to get some laps in Friday night. We met at Bellis Fair Mall and managed to run into a couple fans of the cars before we left.

A quick stop on the I-90 to stretch the legs, get some food and snacks out of the camper and chase Ian’s kids around the grass and we were ready to get back in the truck.

It was late when we arrived so we set up camp, did some driving and hit the sack. I always wake up early so I snuck out of the camper and started on breakfast and coffee, only to find a mini Ian sneaking out of the tent to come join me! Ian showed up two seconds later with another little man in tow and the 4 of us set out to go walk the track and check it out in the daylight up close and personal.

First thing Saturday was a drivers meeting for everyone who showed up late the night before and we all got lined up ready to go for the day.

Best part of the weekend as always is driving with your friends!

Blew a tire coming in way too shallow down the front straight so I ran around trying to find a tire to replace it with since I didnt bring any spare fronts.

Kevin borrowed a scooter and headed out to the tire trailer to get a tire mounted while I replaced a tierod and checked for any more damage.

Made it back out for a few more laps before….

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Well there it is. Time for some new parts!

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