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Weight Challenges

For those of you that know me personally, I have always been a big person. I’ve struggled with my weight and health for many years and it was just never a focus, especially after my car accident in 2005.

The accident put me in a bit of a bad place and after years of playing extensive amounts of hockey I was just…. sitting. This meant I was still eating like I was before and wasn’t getting the exercise I was.

For years after the accident my weight fluctuated in leaps and bounds. I think 2012 was my lightest I had ever been (following completing college which meant I lots of time to hit the gym since I had access and no social life). 2009/2019 were probably my worst years for weight coming in somewhere around 400lbs (I guess, had no scale so who knows).

In 2020 I decided to work on myself during COVID and hire a personal trainer named Cassidy Penney. I don’t think Cassidy knew exactly the mess that she had taken on when we started (car accident, MANY old hockey injuries, Arthritis etc), but she took the challenge head on in September 2020.

Our first big hurdle was getting me to survive a workout! In November of we had a couple of big wins! The F.I.T Academy (Where my sessions are) hosts a challenge every week and in November I started winning some of them!

As the challenge wins continued so did the challenges from Cassidy. She comes up with new ways to push me each and every workout and maximize them for my goals. The results of which are easily noticeable in pictures and in my overall health.

March 2021 will mark 6 months of work with her and I can honestly say I’ve made 10x the progress working with her once a week than I ever have working alone for years. And of course had more fun than I should ever have working out in a gym with a mask on!

Looking forward to continuing my progress and having lots of fun in the process!

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