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Beaver Builder Module

I got the opportunity to explore a tool I had never worked with before for a client. Beaver Builder is a front end page builder tool that you can create your own blocks and modules to work within.

Having never worked with the tool before I had some great support from the clients team in getting me off to the right track and I was off to the races at that point!

Although I can’t talk about the actual modules built, I can say how impressed I was about the available documentation from Beaver Builder as well as the way it handled information. You can very easily add tabs and inputs for any type of field you’d like available in each module. Or conditional values based of your selected value above.

As a developer I generally avoid page builders as they add huge amounts of load and complexity to a site and generally arent very flexible if you want to do something custom.

I was seriously impressed by the page builder and look forward to using it some more.

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