Gaelen Norman

Wordpress Developer / Racer

Cars On Ice – React & AWS

I’ve been involved with Ice Racing in BC for a number of years (I’ve been the Vice President of the club since 2016), and we decided that for this season we would step away from the website that had gotten over complicated and we lost the free hosting for and I would take this opportunity to try some new tech.

I started a quick react app and used bootstrap to quickly create a simple website with all the details we needed. From there I pushed the site up to an AWS Amplify server to test out the tools that AWS offers.

Within 4 hours I had a website built and running on a server and was ready to go. It wasn’t fancy, but it was a really simple deploy and it builds on push to my github branch for the project.

This was really fun to try and I am definitely going to explore more of the AWS tools and build some more small sites like this.

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