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Clio – Legal Trends Report

As part of my time with Clio I got the opportunity to work on the Legal Trends Report which is a yearly report that is released as part of their Clio Cloud Conference.  This report is based on the information they found using independent researchers as well as their own application data to showcase the current trends of lawyers and their offices and billing practices. 

A big part of my job on this was to take the unique design for the report and incorporate it into the existing framework that the site uses.  The juggling act between design and myself was mainly handled by the web strategy team to make sure we built something within the lines so to speak but unique enough to make it different from the main branding. 

One of the biggest challenges I faced was with the chapter blocks: finding a way to make them not only stick to their placement but also to prevent building a whole new structure so each section could be completed using existing block sets.   After using a number of triggers to start and stop the stick function another developer suggested using a coordinate system which worked flawlessly!  

The Table of contents was a slightly complex task as it had to be built off each section as it was added to the report so that it was reuseable in the future.  When each section is added to the report it generates a table of contents which we displayed in the header and each chapter block. Each section had to display a different style if it was past the previous section (the dots in the picture are filled in based on where it is). It was a fun challenge making this work. 

 If you’re interested in learning more about the legal trends in law, I suggest you take a look at the Legal Trends Report!

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