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Over the years I have experienced working in small agencies and start ups where there is a large gap between training and actual field work. When a single junior is hired to complete projects he/she does not necessarily have the experience or knowledge to complete them.  It’s a struggle that many (including myself) have faced.  Not having the resources to reach out to can be very stressful and time consuming. The difference in the burn-out rate for junior programmers who feel supported and those who do not can be huge.  A little support can go a long way in creating a successful project and increase the programmer’s confidence to find better, more innovative solutions.

I would like to  be that resource for 1-2 juniors who don’t have any, or enough, support.  I’d like to be there in their time of need and help them through tough situations and help them grow in their careers. 


  • No senior team to support you. 
  • Permission from your Management
  • Less than 1 year in the industry
  • Willingness to listen and learn

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