Gaelen Norman

Wordpress Developer / Racer

The Clio Experience

My work with Clio was something new for me, I was coming in as a Senior Member of the team and was covering him as he was leaving for a few weeks on parental leave. Knowing that this was a short term contract for me I knew I’d have my hands full trying to get up to speed before he had to leave once his child was born.

I started Sept 9, 2019 and basically we took the day meeting the team, setting up my laptop and getting to know the site layouts and frameworks they work with. It was a pretty quiet day but I took a lot of information in and was exhausted by the time I went home.

Day 2 we hoped right into doing some small site fixes to make sure I got my feet wet and got to ask all the questions I needed.

It was a great week of learning and I was starting to get into the swing of things when an unnamed member of the team said something at our friday meeting.

He said: “Everyone say goodbye in case he has a baby this weekend”. Well…. two weeks early, it happened!

Monday morning I was in a slight panic mode as we had scheduled another 2 weeks of training before he was supposed to be out of the office…. BUT, with some great help from the entire team we got things moving quickly in the right direction and got things pushed out quickly and efficiently.

The weeks went by quickly and the team and I managed to push out some great progress while he was away!

The weeks went by and the Developer came back mid October right before the company’s big Conference called “ClioCon”. It was all hands on deck with this event as we had some live updates to do as the keynote was completed and things were announced, a very stressful time for the team but we were more than prepared and everything went off without a hitch!

I can not say enough for how great everyone at Clio was to me, a fantastic team and I really enjoyed my time there with them!

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